13th Jun2011

HBCUs offer total package & Thoughts on College

by Staff

“I decided to come to Winston Salem State University initially because they awarded me
with all the financial aid i needed and also they actually cared about the voice of

This write up was inspired by the above quote from our interview with Kari Hudgins, an
English and Foreign Languages major at the great institution of Winston Salem State
University (Home of the Rams).

Too often in life people place emphasis on the educational facts and figures when
reviewing a college. Now before you jettison our site and move on to another, hear us out.
We are not saying that educational facts and figures don’t matter we are saying that
families place too much empahsis on it.

Basing the value of a college on the mean or average grade point average (GPA) of
incoming freshman from high schools all over the world or the collegeiate GPA for the
entire student body. Even choosing an institution simply because of the credentials of the
faculty and staff, the celebrity of the staff, or certain members’ successes outside of the
college. Add to this the mean value of incoming freshmans’ SAT and ACT scores and other
“barriers” or meaningless figures. All of these percentages and calculations are near

Most of us have heard this age old story (if you are at least of sophomore age or older) of
the person or persons from high school that made honor roll consistently only to attend
college and spend all of their time making love to alcohol or other animate and inanimate
objects. And hence self-destruct to a life of addiction or worse. (no moderation)
What does this all mean? In essence we are saying that educational facts and
percentages mean nothing with out the hue-man factor. You – the individual power
colleges, if you have a true passion for your major like Kari does for English and “Foreign”
languages then you will excel as she has. But see what no one tells you is that it is those
professors who have no ego and are able to provide you with guidance to properly direct
your passion. If your professor was an egotistical maniac good luck with that.
We reiterate what good is a great looking college on paper if it does not produce well
rounded and GIVING alumni (akin to its faculty and staff) to help continue its existence for
centuries to come.

We pose the question to you, our intelligent audience, do you agree that too much
emphasis is placed on educational facts and figures when reviewing colleges after high
school ? Do you not agree that the hue-man factor is of equal importance?

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Graduate of an HBCU and true believer in HBCUs being the best at giving a well-rounded education academically and personally.




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