28th Jun2011

Nubian Queen Aubrey Jackson & Her HBCU Experience

by Staff

School: Claflin University
Major: Broadcast Journalism
Goal: “…to become a news reporter once I complete college.”
Website: www.AubreyJay.com
Twitter: Aubreyjay4

How did you decide to become a student at Claflin University?

When I began my college search my senior year, I stumbled upon the Claflin Website and loved what they had to offer as a university, so I applied and got accepted within weeks!

What professors at Claflin University are leaving or have left the most impression upon you as a student and/or person? What did they do that continues to mean so much to you to this day?

A: My freshman year I had a professor named “Dr Blakley” and I can honestly say he was awesome at what he did. He taught communication courses and I would enjoy going to his class because every day it was something new, and he was really passionate about his students and what we had the potential to do in our own lives. I enjoyed his class!

What is the story of your “experience” to date at Claflin University given its heralded status as a stellar and prestigious HBCU?

A: My experience at Claflin University has been a unique one all in its own. I have made great friendships, learned a lot from my professors, and realized that I have to be assertive, strong, and dedicated to reach all my goals.

What to date has been your proudest moment @ Claflin University?

A: My proudest moment would be the first day I hosted my campus wide radio show at school. It was a proud moment for me because I worked so hard to get the opportunity, and it allowed me a chance to showcase my creative talents.

Where are the spots to go to if you wanted to cuddle with your boy or girlfriend?

A: At my university there is no “dorm room” visitation however male and females can talk and hang out in the lobbies of the dorm buildings.
What are the best restaurants on and near the campus? Which dishes do you enjoy the most?

A: There are a lot of fast food places near campus. We also had restaurants like Fatz Café (take a look at the Fatz Cafe menu-the calabash chicken looks awesome!), Applebee’s, and more. However, I fell in love with the Chinese restaurant up the street!

What are the chants heard most often at the sporting events?

A: The most common chant you will hear during sport events would be “CU…YOU KNOW”. Everyone on campus joins in because it’s an easy chant and everyone knows it!
How did you overcome your nervousness about going to college?

A: The school brought in the freshman a week ahead of the upperclassmen which I feel gave the incoming freshman a chance to really grasp the college experience and deal with everything in their own way. Every incoming college student is nervous, including myself but you slowly loose that nervousness because you begin making friends, joining clubs, etc. So in most cases you have to come out of your shell once you enter college, it’s all for the best!

What is your major? and Why did you choose it?

A: My major is Broadcast Journalism. I chose this major because I love the world of Media and Entertainment, and when deciding what major would be best for me I knew journalism was it, I plan to become a news reporter once I complete college.

What to date has been your happiest moment @ Claflin University?

A: I have had many positive experiences at my University.

How are you positively active on campus? (e.g. clubs, SGA, etc.)

A: I do my best to be active on campus, I have a radio show, I help with my university’s TV Station and more.

Where is the “yard” located?

A: The yard is really the entire campus. Everyone hangs out “on the yard” as long as it’s not too hot or not to cold.

What and where are the historical places on campus?

A: All of our buildings have historical meanings. Each building on our campus has a precious story to tell.

Are there any ghost stories involving buildings or spots on campus?

A: No, not that I know of. (smile)

What to date has been your saddest moment at Claflin University?

A: I cannot recall one. I am sure everyone can relate to the fact that each person has their own individual struggles. But in regards to the University I have not had any.

How many “firsts” have you had at college ? What are they? (e.g. first road trip, first job interview, first love, first “F or A”, etc.)

A: While being in college thus far I experienced a lot of memorable moments such as road trips, passing exams successfully, landing a part time job, etc. Moments such as these are what make your college experience even more valuable.

What is your view on materialism, vanity and greed?

A: “Material things cannot bring you happiness, true acceptance and happiness must come from within” It’s just that simple.

What was your happiest moment in your life to date?

A: Wow, that’s a “toughie”. I would say my happiest moment would be when I graduated high school and began my college experience and watched how proud my mother was of me, she knew I had the potential to excel and do great things. Being in college and succeeding and making her proud are what keeps me going every day.

What situation in your life made you feel like you had arrived into womanhood?

A: Going through the struggles and situations presented to you every day and how you choose to assess the situations really make you feel like you have arrived into womanhood because it shows you can “hold your own” in more ways than one.

What adversities (hardships) have you overcome to become the Strong, Nubian Queen that you are?

A: I have learned to be strong, assertive, and determined to achieve all that I desire. I learned to love myself and be proud of who I am. By surpassing all my trials and tribulations I have emerged a strong Nubian Queen ready to take on the world!

Who was your greatest influence in your life growing up? And Why?

A: My mother hands down, has been a major influence in my life. My mother is someone who I know has my best interest at heart, she encourages me, she supports me, and she is there for me anytime I need her. I truly look to her as a parent, friend, and hero.

What type of household did you grow up in?

A: I grew up in a stable household, where I was encouraged to dream big, and strive for the best in life!

What was your proudest moment in your life to date?

A: Becoming an aunt was a proud moment in my life. The reason I say that is because it gave me a reason to be the best I can be so that my nieces and nephews can look at me and say “if Auntie did this, so can I” I love the ideas of being a role model and proving that anything is possible through hard work.

How do you deal with racism when you encounter it?

A: Racism is one of those things that will be around forever, no matter how many people swear it’s a part of the past. Whenever someone encounters racism it is something you stare in the face and “brush off”. But in regards to my university there is no type of discrimination of any sort everyone is given equal opportunity.

What is your process when you are going through a hardship that you have never faced before?

A: I look at hardship as a chance to grow stronger. When one goes through a struggle you must not let the struggle overcome you, but overcome the struggle and be a stronger and wiser person in the end.

What elders do you look to for guidance?

A: I have elders in my family, whom I can turn to for guidance whenever I need some insight.

Name 2-4 Nubian (“african”) people that have inspired you. And why? (e.g. Malcom X, Sojourner Truth, Marcus Garvey, etc.)

A: So many people inspire me. One major person being “Oprah” she is the ideal women in power in today’s society and her rise to success was brought upon herself through hard work, aspiration, and drive.

Oprah inspires anyone to go for your goals and don’t let anyone stand in the way.

Being a strong Queen of Ethiopian (where hueman life began) Descent, what enlightening books would you recommend to others to read?

A: I enjoy reading books like “To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee” and “ My sisters keeper by Jodi Picoult”. I really would recommend any book that has a great plot, and a deep meaning that just captures you with every word.

Whats your take on love (in the philoshophical sense)?

A: Love is something that happens between two people, and it comes from within. Love is a natural emotion and should never be forced or pre-thought out. Love should be one of those things that sneak up on you, and have you feeling like you’re in a dream like world every time you interact with that “special someone”. It varies for everyone.

What sports and/or extra curricular activities did you do in High School? And why?

A: In high School I was on Student counsel, I was a cheerleader all four years and I loved being a part of extra-curricular activities during my high school year because it allowed me to be well rounded.

What music cd’s would you recommend to others to listen to, to find strength and motivation?

A: Finding music that brings about strength and motivation is different for everyone. For me in particular when I am having a day where I just need a positive uplift of some sort I turn to gospel artist “marvin saap” his lyrics and music have an awesome message and really can bring anyone out of their “rut”.

What do you feel is most beautiful about you?

A: I’ve always been told I have a great smile and beautiful personality. I do my best to project my style and personality in everything I do. Because there is no one else on this earth that is like me, so I use that thought every morning prior to taking on the day!

When and how did you discover your passion in life?

A: My passion in life is Music and Journalism I have a creative sense in me that cannot go unanswered. I realized I have a passion for Music at a young age, and once journalism was introduced to me by my University I had grown a strong passion to learn all I could about journalism and I love it more and more each day.

Whats your take on life (in the philoshophical sense)?

A: To be wise, optimistic, and live each day like it’s your last. Don’t second guess yourself, and love who you are inside and out!

State how your own personal experience or knowledge correlates to the Ethiopian proverbs below:

When one is prepared, difficulties do not come.

A: I can relate to this proverb very well, It is the same as the saying “study and you’ll past the test”. The proverb is saying that if you are always on your toes and prepared for whatever this world can throw at you, you will never come in contact with difficulty because you’re so prepared that if a difficulty was to present itself you could handle it with flying colors and move on!”
When spiders’ unite, they can tie up a lion.

A: I like this proverb, because it is saying that you cannot accomplish a lot on your own at some point in time you’re going to need “a team” to help achieve the ULTIMATE goal. Which is so true!

Would you like for your name to be used when we post these interview responses? If not, what alias would you prefer we use?

Yes you can use my name for the responses. (Aubrey Jackson)

How can other students, alumni and prospective students get in contact with you online? (e.g. facebook link, aim s/n, yahoo s/n, website, etc.)

A: I have a claflin email, and a twitter that I check regularly. www.Twitter.com/Aubreyjay4 I would be more than happy to have prospective students, alumni, and more contact me there!

Unless otherwise stated all questions and answers will be shared in their entirety for the sole purpose of helping others out there trying to find their calling and way in life. Each one teach one and reach one!

Thank you for taking the time to spread your knowledge with others as a gift upon receipt of your interview responses we will give you the gift of knowledge. Remember to always know thy self!


“Currently working with a cbs affiliate as a reporter and will graduate nxt month . :-)”

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