28th Jun2011

Nubian Queen Kari Hudgins & Her HBCU Campus Experience

by Staff

Major: English & Foreign Languages

Goal: “…to become a linguist/interpreter”

Email: Shakarihudgins[@]yahoo.com

How did you decide to become a student at Winston Salem State University?

I decided to come to Winston Salem State University initially because they awarded me with all the financial aid i needed and also they actually cared about the voice of freshmen. (That is essential of any college if the staff does not care – do not expect to have your problems solved and if they are it will be a fight to have them solved in your favor. Just remember to do what makes you happy in life!)

Which professors have impacted your life the most as a person since being at WSSU?

The professors who impacted me the most as a person are Mrs. Leasure, Dr. Forrest-Carter, Mrs. Burke, Ms.Sheppard, and Ms. Walker.

These Five women have taught me how life isnt favorable to the women who want to make a difference, but is favorable to anyone who uses their knowledge to make a way in the world. I want to let all of them know that i greatly appreciate them.

Where are the spots to go to if you wanted to cuddle with your boy or girlfriend?

Mainly just walk around the beautiful campus, eat in the cafe together, attended sports and academic events, or just chill in the dorm.

What has been your Proudest HBCU Moment?

My proudest HBCU moment was when i was awarded Best Actress at the 74th Annual National Black Arts and Letters Theatre competition in Dallas, TX.

How did you overcome your nervousness about going to college?

I was never nervous about college! it came to easy to be because i have a fun and loving personality!

What is your major? Why did you choose it?

My major is English and Foreign languages. I chose it because my goal is to become a Linguist/Interpreter.

What to date has been your saddest moment at your HBCU?

I really haven’t had a saddest moment, every disappointing moment i had i always made the best out of the situation. I learned to make college life stress free so it wont get in the way of your class work.

What Sorority are you thinking of joining?

If i tell you it wouldn’t be a secret lol

At sporting events what are chants heard most often?


Who is/was your crush at WSSU? When?

(My)Junior Year College Crush is Bobby Grier (who) was my crush freshman, sophmore, and my current junior year! He is a member of Track and field and he currently is my boyfriend.

How are you positively active on campus (eg clubs SGA et cetera)?
University Choir, TIM Dance Troup, Community of Writers, and Drama Club.

What are the Best Restaurants on/around campus? and your Favorite Dishes?

The most famous resturant on campus is the RAM SHACK. Enough said. Hahaha

What and where are the historical places on your HBCU campus?

At Winston Salem State, every building, landmark, road, and sign is a historic sight. Some one in history stood or walked the same path to class to futher their education and graduated. Thats all the history you can get.

Are there any ghost stories involving buildings or spots on campus?

There is this one hall on campus that is completely deserted. I think its called Eller hall, but that building has not been used for many years. Many people gossip and say that the building is haunted so noone wants to teach in it.

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