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Riah L. Williams – Kentucky State University

by Staff

“Even in all of its rich cultural diversity, the students at Kentucky State have maintained a close knit family kind of appeal. I’ve been able to really spread my wings and soak up all that the University has to offer.”

C/O 2013

Major: Social Studies Education with a Creative Writing Minor


How did you decide to become a student at Kentucky State University?

I decided I wanted to join the KSU family for three reasons. Reason #1: They offered me the most money. Reason #2: They stayed on me about getting my documentation in. Reason #3: Since I am from D.C., it would give me the opportunity to experience a totally new place.

Riah L Williams Frankfort Kentucky
Frankfort, Kentucky ‘s Floral Clock
 What professors at Kentucky State University are leaving the most impression upon you as a person and student? What did they do that continues to mean so much to you to this day?

Mr. Offutt and Dr. Pearson. Mr. Offutt because of his honesty, he is always honest about everything! Dr. Pearson, because of her dedication. She stays on me about my studies, but she is also understanding and flexible, which shows me how much she respects and cares for me.


What is the story of your “experience” to date at Kentucky State University given its heralded status as a stellar and prestigious institution?

Kentucky State University is the smallest school in the state of Kentucky and one of the few in the area with Central State and Wilberforce being about 2hrs away and Tennessee state, 3hrs away. With that said, I get to experience amazing diversity in that I’ve met people from and gone to cities like Chicago, Il, Cincinnati, OH, St. Louis, Missouri, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Even in all of its rich cultural diversity, the students at Kentucky State have maintained a close knit family kind of appeal. I’ve been able to really spread my wings and soak up all that the University has to offer. I am a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc.,. I was a part of the Mighty Marching Thorobreds.

I am an executive board member of our wonderful Student Government Association (Riah is the Second Vice President), and I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming new and prospective students as a Student Ambassador. I’ve met GREAT, genuine people. I’ve had the worse and best times of my life. I’ve met and lost my first love. I’ve traveled to so many different cities, that people back at home may never be able to visit. There’s always a new dance. There’s always something new that the campus community is laughing about.

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Where are the spots to go to if you wanted to cuddle with your boy or girlfriend?

More than likely, your dorm room or your apartment. 

What are the best restaurants on and near the campus? Which dishes do you enjoy the most?

Everybody goes to Applebees for Happy Hour throughout the week, because they have ½ priced appetizers. A home cooked meal with friends is my favorite. Fried chicken and macaroni and cheese to be exact.

What were the chants heard most often at the sporting events?

K here we go! here we go! S come on! come on! U ! Keep it going! Keep it going! K-S-U we rooock this hooouse whoo! We rock this hooouse whoo! We rock this hooouse Whoo! KSU and Siiiit doooowwnnnn…..

Who is your College crush?

Good question.

How did you overcome your nervousness about going to college?

I got involved in the band. It allowed me to embrace a faction of the university as well as become acquainted with a lot of different people at once.

Kentucky State University Band Riah L Williams My HBCU InterviewImage of Kentucky State University Band Courtesy of Black College TV

What is your major? and Why did you choose it?

Social Studies Education, because in order to promote equality and justice, one must understand the ways of the world as it relates to location, politics, social environments, and history. (Well Said) It’s important to be able to share this knowledge with others. My minor, creative writing: I love to write, why not have a degree in it?

What to date has been your proudest moment @ Kentucky State University?

The day I became a member of the Prestigious Lambda Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

Riah_L_Williams_Lambda_Chapter_Sigma_Gamma_Rho_Sorority_Kentucky_State_University_HBCU_Proudest_MomentImage Courtesy of Nubian Queen Riah L. Williams

What to date has been your saddest moment @ Kentucky State University?

When I found out my grandfather died and I could not attend his funeral. But I know he’s looking down, smiling proud. 🙂

What are you pledging? And why? And if not, why not?

I am a very, very proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority IncorporatedWhy? Because they’re the best! No, but seriously. I chose Sigma Gamma Rho because of the things they promote and stand for both nationally and chapter wise. Sisterhood. Education and Service. Although many people say all of them represent these things, and they do. There is no sisterhood better than ours especially on Kentucky State’s Campus. (biased, I know)

Kentucky State University Football Riah L. Williams
Image Courtesy of Soror Athena Harden

How are you positively active on campus? (e.g. clubs, SGA, etc.)?

Second Vice President : Student Government Association | President: Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority IncorporatedStudent AmbassadorsTutor

Where is the “yard” located?

Right in front of the Student Center.

What and where are the historical places on campus?

The most historical place on campus is Jackson Hall. It was the very first building on campus. During the school’s founding, it was the school, and it’s still standing. Beautifully, might I add.

Kentucky_State_University_Riah_L_Williams_Jackson_Hall_HBCU_HistoryImage Courtesy of CMW Inc.

Are there any ghost stories involving buildings or spots on campus?

Not that I know of.

How many “firsts” have you had at college ? What are they? (e.g. first road trip, first job interview, first love, first “F or A”, etc.)

First love. First heart break. First time ever being away from my mom for longer than a week. First real road trip. First apartment.

Kentucky_State_University_Apartments_Riah_L_Williams_HBCU_FirstsIf you live on campus click the image and find a place off campus. Image Courtesy of Oodle

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