05th Sep2011

Dr. Chetachi Egwu – Howard University

by Staff

Proudest Moment ? “The day I walked across the stage and became Dr. Egwu! “

C/O 2005

Major: Mass Communications

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Personal Contacts:


How did you decide to become a student at Howard University?

After attending a PWI for my undergraduate degree, I knew that I was definitely attending an HBCU for graduate school.



What professors at Howard University left the most impression upon you as a student and/or person? What did they do that continues to mean so much to you to this day??

There were so many: Dr. Carolyn Stroman,

chetachi-egwu-howard-university-myhbcuinterview-dr-richard-wrightDr. Richard Wright

Dr. Gwang-jub HanDr. William Starosta, Dr. Melbourne Cummings.

They really behaved as if they had a personal stake in how well I did. Essentially, they took me under their collective wings.


What is the story of your “experience” at Howard University given its heralded status as a stellar and prestigious institution?

I always tell people that Howard was my REAL college experience. For undergrad, I was at a school with 30,000 students, and really felt like just a number. Although I was very active on campus, I felt no connection to my major department. At Howard I was intimately connected to the department! I met some of my closest friends while I was at Howard, and we still are in close contact.


We wonder if Chetachi remembers this function back in ’04


Where were the spots to go to if you wanted to cuddle with your boy or girlfriend?


What were the best restaurants on and near the campus? Which dishes do you enjoy the most?

At the time, most of the good restaurants I liked to eat at were in other parts of Washington DC, but not too far from campus, like

chetachi-egwu-howard-university-myhbcuinterview-thaiphoon-restaurantImage Courtesy of the Anti -Tourist

Georgia Browns,
SwagEvent’s “Flava of the Month” – Image Courtesy of SwagEvents
Lauriol Plaza.
Lauriol Plaza or “True Blue Boo” if you ask Shana of Shana Janelle Blogspot – Image Courtesy of her as well

However,U Street
A Glimpse of Famous U-Street
(Steps away from campus) has classic staples like historic

Ben’s Chilli Bowl (Good for late night munchies),

and Islamabad, a Pakistani place. One of the best chill spots for coffee, tea and cake is
Busboys and Poets.
Image Courtesy of Talk For Change Toastmasters

Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle
“..book party for veteran journalist Terence Samuel’s The Upper House” at Kramerbooks – Image Courtesy ofE.F. Stewart Communicaitons


What were the chants heard most often at the sporting events?

“I’m so glad, I go to Howard U” sung to the tune of “I’m so glad that Jesus set me free!”


Who was your College crush?


How did you overcome your nervousness about going to college?

I wasn’t nervous I was excited!

What was your major? and Why did you choose it?

Mass Communication. I’ve always loved the media and knew that someday I wanted to be involved, so I knew this was the path to take.

What was your proudest moment @ Howard University?

The day I walked across the stage and became Dr. Egwu!

What was your saddest moment @ Howard University?

I can’t think of any sad moments.

What did you pledge? And why? And if not, why not?

Yes. I’m a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. However, I pledged alumnae, not collegiate. Everywhere I turned, there was a woman of Delta engaged in the community in someway. I am very much about community service, so I knew I wanted to align myself with this group of distinguished and hard working women.



How were you positively active on campus? (e.g. clubs, SGA, etc.)

Though I was a graduate student, I was heavily involved as Assistant Program Director at WHBC 830 AM and a Public Relations Officer for the African Student Association

Where was the “yard” located?

Up the “Hill”, between the Library and the Fine Arts Building


What and where were the historical places on campus?

There are so many. Delta Sigma Theta’s “Fortitude” sculpture was dedicated and sits in the “valley”. The School of Communication is the old Freedmen’s Hospital, one of the only Hospitals where Blacks could be treated in earlier times.

chetachi-egwu-howard-university-myhbcuinterview-lady-fortitude-statue-delta-sigma-theta-the-valleyThe Symbolic and Powerful “Lady Fortitude” Sculpture – Image Courtesy of Howard University

Freedmen’s Hospital


Are there any ghost stories involving buildings or spots on campus?


How many “firsts” did you have at college ? What were they? (e.g. first road trip, first job interview, first love, first “F or A”, etc.)

My first time seeing a show band (a Black band)!


If you could speak to those family members that have risen but that live forever through you, what words would you speak?

Thank you for paving the way so I could walk.

When and how did you discover your passion in life?

I actually discover new passions every day! When I was young I discovered my passion for fashion. In high school found I loved acting. In undergrad I remembered how much I loved dance.

In Grad school, teaching called my name. Now, my affinity for drawing and painting has returned. So, I find new passions rising and old passions returning on a daily basis.


Whats your take on life (in the philosophical sense)?

That life is not about “just you”. If it was, you would exist in the would by yourself. One should try to be utilitarian: doing the most amount of good for the most amount of people.

If you could only speak two sentences to the youth coming after you what would you say?
Money should not be your only motivation. Do what brings you joy and the money will come.

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Graduate of an HBCU and true believer in HBCUs being the best at giving a well-rounded education academically and personally.




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