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Jamel Vanderburg – Wilberforce University

by Staff

“It was an act of God that brought me to Wilberforce University. I was afforded several scholarships as well as a chance to be in an area of the country I had never visited.”

C/O 2009
Major: Accounting

Conduct business with Jamels’ Company: Mella Business Consultants, Inc.
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How did you decide to become a student at Wilberforce University?
It was an act of God that brought me to Wilberforce University. I was afforded several scholarships as well as a chance to be in an area of the country I had never visited.


Look at the beauty of Wilberforces’ Campus! – Image Courtesy of Black College TV


What professors at Wilberforce University left the most impression upon you as a student and/or person? What did they do that continues to mean so much to you to this day?

There wasn’t one professor that didn’t have some kind of impact on me while at Wilberforce. No matter how good or not good they were at teaching, they taught some kind of lesson at the end of the day.


What is the story of your “experience” at Wilberforce University given its heralded status as a stellar and prestigious HBCU?

The unfortunate part of dating at an HBCU is that there are some things you go to college expecting to leave behind. Unfortunately, some things follow you, poke you, and leave their trail on you.

jamel-vanderburg-wilberforce-university-myhbcuinterview-datingImage courtesy of Hello Beautiful

While I did some dating, I wasn’t too gung ho on going after every black girl that moved on the campus. To call it an experience would be an understatement. It was more of a jungle adventure.


Where are the spots to go to if you wanted to cuddle with your boy or girlfriend?

The only spot I did any kind of cuddling was in my room. The spots people got caught in included the cafe, the fountain, the lower lecture hall, every part of the king building, and even outdoors.


What were the best restaurants on and near campus? Which dishes did you enjoy the most?

The two spots everybody went to were Buffalo Wild Wings and LA’s (a wing spot in the Xenia area).

They were both popular and known for their college wing nights and all the frats and sororities had events at LA’s.


What were the chants heard most often at the sporting events?

While I paid attention to the cheerleaders, I spent more time looking at them than hearing them chant.


A Little Glimpse of Homecoming 2010 at Wilberforce


Who was your College crush?

That’s g-6 classified information lol…On the real, there was one girl I met my freshman year. She was a senior on her way out.


jamel-vanderburg-wilberforce-university-nigerian-model-oluchi-onweagba-myhbcuinterviewWe imagine she looked like Nigerian Model oluchi onweagba – Images Above Courtesy of Dark Bohemiia Blogspot and BeautyIsDiverse – Visit Nubian Queen Oluchi Oneweagbas’ website!

Her personality and her smile always kept me admiring her from afar.


How did you overcome your nervousness about going to college?

My nervousness stopped the minute my parents dropped me off. For a long time, I wanted to get away and be by myself. Coming from a big family, I didn’t have a lot of quiet moments to myself. It helped calm my nervousness of leaving.


What was your major? and Why did you choose it?

My major was Accounting. I wanted to have a major in the business area and because I had done several entrepreneurial ventures before college, I wanted to further my understanding of the language of business.


What was your proudest moment @ Wilberforce University?

I had some really good moments, but one of my proudest was winning the Russell Simmons Entrepreneurship Grant in 2008.

jamel-vanderburg-wilberforce-university-myhbcuinterview-russell-simmons-entrepreneurship-grantImage Courtesy of Black American Money


What was your saddest moment @ Wilberforce University?

The loss of John Nze on October 6, 2006.

jamel-vanderburg-wilberforce-university-myhbcuinterview-john-nze-tree-dedicationJohn Nze Tree Dedication on the Campus of WilberForce University – Image Courtesy of Wilberforce University – Also support the “John Nze will not be Forgotten Facebook page”

It rocked the very foundation of the campus and it hurt knowing that a fellow classmate would never walk the campus again.


What did you pledge? And why? And if not, why not?

I became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. in the Spring of 2008 because it was an organization that I was able to relate.

A lot of their core principles and beliefs are those that I practice in my personal and professional life. In addition, the bond is like no other that I’ve ever seen in my life.


How were you positively active on campus? (e.g. clubs, SGA, etc.)

Where do I begin? I was Freshman Class President, SGA Treasurer, UNCF Treasurer, President/VP of NABA, Treasurer of Kappa Theta Epsilon, member of Alpha Kappa Mu, student ambassador, mentor, tutor, and started my business on campus.


Where was the “yard” located?

Wilberforce University- all 5000 acres of it lol



What and where were the historical places on campus?

The fountain– during the split of 1947 between Wilberforce and Central State, it is one of the last remaining items from the “old campus” that was given back to Wilberforce.

jamel-vanderburg-wilberforce-university-myhbcuinterview-the-fountainAn Image of The Historical Fountain Courtesy of Wilberforce U


Are there any ghost stories involving buildings or spots on campus?

A lot of the buildings where there are ghost stories no longer exist. Bats are already flying through the dorms.


How many “firsts” did you have at college ? What were they? (e.g. first road trip, first job interview, first love, first “F or A”, etc.)

First interview- during my Co-op class which lead to an internship with the National Urban LeagueKodak, and an assortment of other opportunities.

jamel-vanderburg-wilberforce-university-myhbcuinterview-national-urban-leagueImage Courtesy of the National Urban League


If you could speak to those family members that have risen but that live forever through you, what words would you speak?
There is nothing in this world that you cannot do. All it takes is diligence, dedication, and desire to press forward.


When and how did you discover your passion in life?
If you have fun doing something no matter what comes your way and you have a nice piece of change to go with it, THAT is the passion of life.


Whats your take on life (in the philosophical sense)?
Live life each day and punch as many people in the chest as possible.


If you could only speak two sentences to the youth coming after you what would you say?
There is a sense of urgency that you have to be able to live up to. Don’t wait until tomorrow to make your dreams happen today.



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