05th Sep2011

Bryanta Booker-Maxwell – South Carolina State University

by Staff

“The world is yours. Leave a legacy on the earth while you are here.”

C/O 2006

Major: Political Science / Pre – Law

Personal Contacts:



How many students were in your incoming class?


How many students are/were in your graduating class?


Who among your friends and family came to see your graduation?

My mother, father, sister, two cousins, aunt, uncle, mother in law, father in law, husband.

Were you the first in your family to graduate from college? Do you know anyone that was?

Not the first on my mother side but the first on my father side to graduate from college. I have several friends with whom I graduated with who were the first in their families.

Who else in your family graduated from South Carolina State University (or another prominent HBCU)?

My mother, my aunt, my uncle (graduates of Voorhees college) My cousins (graduates of Howard, North Carolina A&T and Benedict College)

What did it feel like to graduate after years of hard work? What are you going to do or what did you do to celebrate your graduation?

I felt very relieved and ready to take over the world! Once I graduated I took a little break and later entered graduate school where I pursued my masters in public administration. I plan to attend Law School fall 2011.

Do you give back as an alumni to South Carolina State University? Visited any homecomings?

As an alumni I do give back as well as encourage people to attend SCSU. I have attended every homecoming since graduation.

What advice do you have for future HBCU graduates?

The world is yours. Being an HBCU graduate doesn’t make you any different from any graduate of any other institution. Prove to the world that you are ready to take on the challenges that it offers. Leave a legacy on the earth while you are here.

Nubian Queen Bryanta Booker Maxwell, let us say thank you for taking the time to answer each of our interview questions and share you graduation experience from one of the most prestigious HBCU’s in the World. We wish you the most success in obtaining your PA degree (Public Administration) and wish you even more success and ambition upon your graduation from law school in the future. We wonder if you will open an office in Orangeburg…hmmm

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Graduate of an HBCU and true believer in HBCUs being the best at giving a well-rounded education academically and personally.




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