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Tiffany S. Jones – North Carolina A&T State University

by Staff

“I had a few cousins and family friends who attended A&T so I got the opportunity to attend University Day and Homecoming as a senior in high school…”

C/O 2003

Major: Journalism & Mass Communication with a concentration in Print Journalism
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How did you decide to become a student at North Carolina A&T State University?

I had a few cousins and family friends who attended A&T so I got the opportunity to attend University Day and Homecoming as a senior in high school in 1999. From those two events, I got hooked. I enrolled in the fall of 2000.


What professors at North Carolina A&T State University left the most impression upon you as a student and/or person? What did they do that continues to mean so much to you to this day?

Dr. Myra Shird and Dr. Sandra Alexander actually gave me information to use for life as opposed to teaching me the subject matter. Both professors shared their experiences with me and offered themselves as mentors to help me in my quest to become my family’s first college graduate.

I also give credit to D. Cherie Lofton and Mr. Tony Welborne, the program director and manager of the campus radio station 90.1 WNAA for reinforcing a great work ethic.


What is the story of your “experience” to date at North Carolina A&T State University given its heralded status as a stellar and prestigious institution?

I went into A&T on a full academic scholarship and graduated early. I attribute all my success to the relationships I was able to build with my peers and my educators. The support, guidance and encouragement that was given to me felt like that of a family that I don’t believe I could have gotten anywhere else.


Where were the spots to go to if you wanted to cuddle with your boy or girlfriend?

I wouldn’t know. I spent most of my time in the library. LoL! But everyone, relationship or not, spent a lot of time on The Strip if weather permitted.


What were the best restaurants on and near the campus? Which dishes do you enjoy the most?

Anybody who spent time at A&T is familiar with Cookout, Elizabeth’s Pizza, Libby Hill and Bojangles. My friends and I spent more money at Cookout on milkshakes and fries than any of us care to admit.


What were the chants heard most often at the sporting events?



Who was your College crush??

A football player name Ivan Butler. I wonder whatever happened to him.


How did you overcome your nervousness about going to college?

I knew it was something that I had to do. I pretty much gave myself a pep talk and decided that I owed it to my family and myself to go and do well.


What was your major? and Why did you choose it?

I majored in Journalism & Mass Communication with a concentration in Print Journalism. I chose it because that was the only way I saw that I could get paid a steady wage for writing.


What has been your proudest moment @ North Carolina A&T State University?

My proudest moment was the entire weekend of graduation. We had our departmental luncheon and I received several awards including the highest GPA in my major and it was capped off with graduation itself. It was the sum of my success over the previous three and a half years and I had no doubt accomplished a lot.


What was your saddest moment @ North Carolina A&T State University?

Sept. 11, 2001. Everything was really somber. We gathered as a family in the Stallings Ballroom for prayer for the people who perished, for their families and for the missing people and their families. Though it was sad, it made me proud that we could all pull together in tough times.


What did you pledge? And why? And if not, why not?

I did not pledge any organization. My school work took priority over everything.


How were you positively active on campus? (e.g. clubs, SGA, etc.)

I was an announcer for the campus radio station, a student program director for the radio station, a reporter for the school paper and the staff writer for the yearbook, “Ayantee” for the 2002-03 year.


Where was the “yard” located?

1601 E. Market St., Greensboro, NC


What and where were the historical places on campus?

Scott dormitories, Curtis Hall


Are there any ghost stories involving buildings or spots on campus?

Not to my knowledge. We had real life scary events that took place on our campus during the Civil Rights Movement, so, I don’t think we needed any legends when we had real life heroes.


How many “firsts” did you have at college ? What were they? (e.g. first road trip, first job interview, first love, first “F or A”, etc.)



If you could speak to those family members that have risen but that live forever through you, what words would you speak?

Thank you. It is because of you that I am who I am.


When and how did you discover your passion in life?

I think I’m still discovering. I love learning new things and meeting new people, so I’m treating this whole thing as a journey.


Whats your take on life (in the philosophical sense)?

Stay low (humble) and keep moving.


If you could only speak two sentences to the youth coming after you what would you say?
Be sure to find balance and have fun. Your goals are not a guarantee.

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