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Vontraciya J. Davis – Winston Salem State University

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“My first impression of Winston-Salem State University came when I was a junior in High School. One of our fellow alumni’s of the band came back, and expressed to us how he loved his school, and how it was like a large family.”

Major: Psychology
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How did you decide to become a student at Winston Salem State University?

My first impression of Winston-Salem State University came when I was a junior in High School. One of our fellow alumni’s of the band came back, and expressed to us how he loved his school, and how it was like a large family. After his visit, I received a letter from WSSU’s honors program inviting me to tour the campus, and I immediately fell in love with the beauty of the campus.

Winston Salem State University Campus Featured in Vontraciya J. Davis My HBCU Interview
At the time I was in pursuit of a bachelor’s of science in Biotechnology, and I was told that they had a wonderful program, and a dynamic band.

From my first step on campus I felt the family vibe, and knew that WSSU was my university.


Which professors have impacted your life the most as a person since being at WSSU?

WSSU has some amazing professors and I think my experience would not be the same if it wasn’t for many of their down to earth personalities. Dr. Nikia Anderson a Developmental Psychology professor at WSSU was one of the many professors that left a lasting impression on me. I valued being in her class so much because she was not afraid to create her own method of teaching, and way of learning. She forced me to have to fuel the fire for Psychology because she accepted nothing less but the best from me, because I had expressed to her that developmental psychology was the field I wanted to pursue.


Dr. Nikia P. Anderson featured in Vontraciya J. Davis MyHBCU Interview
I will never forget one of her theory’s called the “Emotional Families”, and her Emotional Family of Love said that Love + Passion= Suffering, and Suffering brings Life. I now live by the theory. If I love something, I will suffer for it because in the end It will bring upon a fresh beginning.


Where are the spots to go to if you wanted to cuddle with your boy or girlfriend?

Although Winston is not the most built up city there are plenty of places to go if you and your boy or girlfriend want to spend some time together. Right by the school there is a large lake, and it has a little trail that you and your honey can walk, or if all else fails just go to your room.


Winston Salem State University Clock Tower featured in Vontraciya J. Davis MyHBCU InterviewWinston Salem State University’s Famed Clock Tower


I know at night I use to enjoy just sitting at the clock when no one else was out, it is sweet, peaceful, and free.


What has been your Proudest HBCU Moment?

My proudest moment at WSSU is when I stepped on campus as a Senior. I can honestly say getting to this point takes a lot of work, and I have worked so hard to not just be a regular senior, but a senior with, excellent grades, and who is active on the campus. (Much Respect to that!)


How did you overcome your nervousness about going to college?

I think my mom was more nervous about be going to college then I was. I was actually excited to be leaving home, and see if I can get through without someone there telling me to do my homework, or do this and that. I wanted to prove to myself that my family is my inspiration system, but I can make it on my own, and that was my motivation.


What is your major? Why did you choose it?

My current major is Psychology. I say current because when I came in I was a Biotechnology major. I switched because as I started taking my electives I noticed that all the ones I chose were psychology classes, and that when I talked about enjoying a class it was always a psychology class. Psychology is an always changing field, and having the flexibility to take this major into many aspects of the career world is amazing to me. I believe there is no field that psychology can not be seen in, and that is why I chose to pursue this field. (It is amazing that you listened to yourself and governed yourself accordingly. Much Respect to that!)


What to date has been your saddest moment at your HBCU?

My saddest moment was when I did not become Miss WSSU. Although I took away many new friends, and great experiences. Not getting that title hurt because from the day I stepped on the campus that was one of my main goals, but I have since realized that not getting the position only taught me that I will still be involved with my campus, and love my school regardless of a title.

I am still a proud RAM, and because I did not win the position I had the opportunity to be the dean of the spring 2011 line of TBS, and bring through the largest line that the Theta Upsilon chapter has ever had ( The 18 animaTed cUes).


What to date has been your happiest moment @ Winston Salem State University?

My happiest moment at WSSU is when I became a lovely lady of the Theta Upsilon. It was truly an honor to be selected to serve the band, and do it along side other women who share the same love, and passion for music as I do.

Winston Salem State University Campus Featured in Vontraciya J. Davis My HBCU Interview
The Red Sea of Sound performing for a packed audience at a Band Competition


What are the best restaurants on and near the campus? Which dishes do you enjoy the most?

The Restaurants on campus of course is the Ram Shack only because you have the option of Grill works or Subway. The best restaurant near campus is Jimmy The Greek because they are 24 hours on the weekend, you can get breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at anytime. My favorite dish are their teriyaki wings without batter.


Greek Restaurant at WSSU featured in Vontraciya J. Davis MyHBCUInterviewThe Restaurant near WSSU’s campus is on University Parkway


Another place would be Nitty Gritty it is located right down the street from the school, and they sell soul food. You get a meat, two sides and a drink all for seven dollars. I couldn’t pick just one thing I like there if I tried. It’s all good.


Nitty Gritty Soul Cafe Featured in Vontraciya J. Davis MyHBCU Interview at Winston Salem State UniversityHere are some reviews on the Greatness that can be found at Nitty Gritty Soul Cafe


What are the chants heard most often at the sporting events?

The main Chant that will always be said is our Chew Tobacco chant. It simply says ” Chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit, if you aint a Ram then you aint shhhhh.” This goes well with the city, because of the large tobacco companys located in Winston-Salem.

We also have a song that we sing that touches anyone who ever was a student at WSSU. The song says “It’s so hard to be a Ram” The very first stanza gets you moving. ” I would not be a (insert school mascot here) I’ll tell you the reason why. I’ve been a Ram all of my life, and I ‘LL BE A RAM TIL I DIE


Who was/is your College crush?

My first college crush was on this boy named Mike Wright he was so sweet, I actually met him while playing hide-and-go seek at the end of our Freshman year, we became instant friends. So much that, over the summer me, and him, and our moms took a tango class together. He no longer goes to WSSU, but I do miss him.


What are you pledging? And why? And if not, why not?

In Spring 2009 I became a Lovely Lady of the Theta Upsilon chapter of Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority. #5 stand & deliver.


Theta Upsilon chapter of Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority WSSU Vontraciya J. Davis


I love the band, and flag girls don’t get scholarships, so when I march on the field, I march because I have a passion for it. Becoming a member of TBS only escalated my passion. It not only opened the door for me to serve the band, and have connections all over the nation, but it introduced me to some incredible young women, who I now call my sisters.


How are you positively active on campus? (e.g. clubs, SGA, etc.)

I am extremely involved on campus. I am a member of (The Red Sea of Sound Marching Band (Silky Smooth color guard), Campus Activities Board, Psychology Club, Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority, I am an Iota Sweetheart (Fall 08)


Where is the “yard” located?

The “yard” is a general statement used to reference to the campus.


What and where are the historical places on campus?

Each building on campus tells a story, and was named after someone who was a great contributor either to the city, or to the campus.


Are there any ghost stories involving buildings or spots on campus?

There are no ghost stories that I have heard of.


How many “firsts” have you had at college ? What are they? (e.g. first road trip, first job interview, first love, first “F or A”, etc.)

I have had the honor of having a few first at Winston such as: First Road Trip ( Drove to D.C with my little sister to see her family), First pageant ( Mr/Miss WSSU pageant), First time taking summer school ( trying to get ahead of the game), First time marching at Honda ( Spring 2011 RSOS), First time pledging ( Spring 2009 TBS) First time winning a Homecoming step show ( Fall 2010). So many memories, and I can’t wait to create more.


What is your view on materialism, vanity and greed?

I believe that people now a days tend to value materialism over spirituality, they believe if you don’t have something you are a nobody. I am a very religious/spiritual person being the daughter of a preacher I was taught that all of my help will come from the Lord, and I believe that whole heartedly. Although there I times I get weak, and want to stop believing I am reminded of where I came from, and the blessing that I have received to get where I am today.


What was your happiest moment in your life to date?

The happiest moment in my life to date would have to be this past week ( May 15-21) I had the privilege to go on the senior cruise, and I truly enjoyed myself. I had the chance to met some new people, and reconnect with old. We visited the Grand Turk Island, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau Bahamas. We sailed on the carnival destiny, and the service was nothing less then excellent. I am def. looking forward to my next cruise adventure.


Vontraciya J. Davis Gibbs Cay Grand Turk and Caicos Islands MyHBCUInterview
Looks so peaceful doesnt it?; Image courtesy of Soul of America and Turks and Caicos Tourism


What situation in your life made you feel like you had arrived into womanhood?

Entering my senior year of college my Father bought me a Car. Having that car made me feel like I had freedom, but reality set in when my car tire went flat, then suddenly I needed an oil change, unlike other times I wasn’t able to call on my parents to handle it. My Father called me and said ” This car is your responsibility, so it is your job to make sure it stays up to date with all the check ups, and it has gas in it at all time.” It was that moment that made me realize I am not the little girl who can expect her parents to handle all her problems anymore. I am now the Young woman who has to start writing her own story.


What adversities (hardships) have you overcome to become the Strong, Nubian Queen that you are?

Entering WSSU in Fall 2007 many people would not believe me if I told them I was homeless, but it is true. When others were complaining about their freshman room being too small or complaining about this or that, I was rejoicing because I had my own bed to sleep in. When others were spending their refund checks on everything, I was sending money home so that my family could have. Now I am blessed to say that we now have our own home, everyone in my house hold has new/ or at least a practically new car, and my mother has a well paying job. God truly comes right on time.


Who was your greatest influence in your life growing up? And Why?

My greatest influence in my life growing up was/ and is MY MOTHER. She is such a strong Godly women. My mom is my motivation. When her and my Father separated years ago, she didn’t let that keep her down, she always told us she had big dreams of writing her books, doing conferences, and building a legacy that we can follow.

My mother is currently persuing her masters in Psychology (now you see where I get it from). I look up to her because she didn’t stop when she saw the storm coming, she persevered through, and we are looking at a bright and sunny day.


What type of household did you grow up in?

I grew up in a military house hold. My Father was a Drill Sergeant, and My mother an Evangelist. After my parents separated my father moved on with his life and my mother went through some trying times, but she never loss faith in God, and she instilled that in me and my two brothers. So you can say I grew up in a God fearing/ Word believing legacy building household. 🙂


What was your proudest moment in your life to date?

My proudest moment in my life today was hearing my advisor tell me that I only had two more classes left to take and I can become a graduate of Winston-Salem State University. It meant so much not because I will be the first in my family to go to college, but because it means I worked hard, and even though I changed my major I still graduated in 4.5 years which is an accomplishment.


How do you deal with racism when you encounter it?

When I have encountered racism I usually just walk away. I say in my head they act that way because they are closed minded.

Walking away from Racism the solution given by Vontraciya J Davis of Winston Salem State UniversityLooks like you are on to something Vontraciya!


What is your process when you are going through a hardship that you have never faced before?

I pray about it, I believe that God will never put more on me then I can bare, and I face it head on.


What elders do you look to for guidance?

I look to the elders in my family. They not only have knowledge of things that I have yet to experience, they also know where I come from and have some knowledge of how to handle certain situations.


What sports and/or extra curricular activities did you do in High School? And why?

In high school I participated in ( The Marching Band (Flag/Dance), The Step Team, HOSA (Health Occupations Student of America), Student Government, and The Spanish Club). I chose to be in so many activities because I wanted to get the full experience out of high school.


What music cd’s would you recommend to others to listen to, to find strength and motivation?

I would recommend listening to people such as Jazmine Sullivan, Chrisette Michele these two women music always hit on real life experiences, and and also the Clark Sisters.


What and when was your first encounter with racism?

My first encounter with racism was in the 3rd grade I had a teacher who seemed to always place all the African-American students in lower groups, and classes then her other students, and at the end of the day she had the African-Americans do classroom duties that others would not do like pick up staples with your hands, and things of that nature.


What do you feel is most beautiful about you?

In my eyes my personality is the most beautiful thing about me. I am a very friendly person, and I love to have fun, but I also know when to be serious. I take pride in knowing that at the end of the day I was a productive, uplifting, vibrant woman.


What was your saddest moment in your life to date?

The saddest moment in my life was when my parents divorced, I never understood why it happened, and for awhile I thought it was my fault.

Corey Brown on Divorce and the Nubian and African American PeopleVisit Corey Brown’s blog post on divorce and the African family!

Although I am older now, I still miss having the 2 parent household, because I feel like there are some things I missed out on with my Father because he left.


When and how did you discover your passion in life?

My mother says I told her when I was 3 that “I wanted to help people for a living, and be a preacher”. I guess you can say I knew then. My passion for helping people has not changed, and my Love for God is stronger then ever. Some people need time, and classes to figure out what they want to do. I just know as long as I am helping make someone else’s life a better place I am good.


Whats your take on life (in the philoshophical sense)?

I believe that All of our steps are ordained by God, but we chose to either listen or to do our own thing.

I feel like you should never burn your bridges. Everyone will need someone one day, and that’s why you can’t be too boastful. There have been plenty of times that people have offended me, and vice versa, but the situation changes when you humble yourself and apologize because it enables you to keep that potion of your life open, and if you are ever in need you would not have hurt someone who could have untimently helped you.


-When one is in love, a cliff becomes a meadow.

When a person is in love, everything that seems hard isn’t so hard any more. Love is such a serious emotion, but it is if it is true it changes that person for the better.


-When one is prepared, difficulties do not come.

When you are ready for any and everything that may come your way, you want struggle trying to figure out how to handle the problem. You will spend more time learning from the situation then fixing it.


-A cow gave birth to a fire: she wanted to lick it, but it burned; she wanted to leave it, but she could not because it was her own child.

This proverb means you can’t leave a situation you created just because things are not going your way, or you are getting hurt in the process. You have to just find another way to handle it.


-When spiders’ unite, they can tie up a lion.

This is simply to say you are stronger together then you are alone. There are some things in life you need a shoulder to lean on for support. You can’t be afraid to ask for help, because that’s what friends and family are there for.


How can other students, alumni and prospective students get in contact with you online? (e.g. facebook link, aim s/n, yahoo s/n, website, etc.)




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