12th Oct2011

Jeanette Salgado – Delaware State University

by Staff

C/O 2013

Sport: Soccer

Major: Pre-Allied Health

Jersey Number: 24

“Always make sure you stay fit and keep working out.




What sports are you involved in at Delaware State University? What positions? What is your jersey number?

I wanted to experience a different environment and diversify myself.


What sports did you play in high school? Did they carry over to college?

Soccer, basketball, softball and track & field. Soccer was the only one that carried over to college.

Jeanette Salgado tries to control the ball against Binghamton on 8.21.11 – Action Photos credited to Megan Raymond

Have you ever been cut from a squad? If so, how did you handle it and bounce back?

Yes, I was cut from my 8th grade travel team. To bounce back, I worked really hard to get in better shape and then I tried out for a better team.


When I made that team, it worked out better for me and I felt really good about myself and it helped me build my confidence.


What is the biggest game on your campus that everybody attends?

When our basketball team plays games that are on ESPNU.

Thanks to UrbanSportsITG for the sports clip of DSU shooting ball!


What kind of workout regime do you have?

I run sprints, sometimes miles, in addition to lifting. I enjoy lifting.

Some really good sprinting tips from Expert Village


What is some of the advice the coaches always give you?

Not to get too stressed out by what other players are doing and to concentrate on what I can do to make myself a better player.


How do you balance sports and your education?

I have to manage my time to where I have time to work out and then have adequate time to finish my homework and study. Because we usually have practice in the morning, whenever I finish my classes for the day, I start my homework and study for about two to three hours. After that I usually go to the gym to work out or take a study break and hang out with my friends. If I still have work to finish at that point, I will go back and finish everything.


What sports tips do you have for those in your sport?

Always make sure you stay fit and keep working out. Sticking with fundamentals is key because it’ll improve your game and it will carry over to the field. I continually practice my foot skills so in a game I feel comfortable on the ball and I won’t be nervous going into a one-on-one situation.


We really appreciate the informative responses Jeanette. We feel if everyone heeded your words, attitudes would improve as well as the decrease of hospital visits. We were astounded that you played so many sports in high school – we bet you were busy all the time. Just the same thank you for spending time with us and giving advice on being a successful student-athlete. (*headshot photo credited to Mike Baker)


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