12th Oct2011

Kaitlyn Schech – Delaware State University

by Staff

C/O 2014

Sport: Soccer

Major: Nutrition

Position: Defensive Center Mid.

Jersey Number: 12

“Play for the love of the sport.”



What sports are you involved in at Delaware State University? What positions? What is your jersey number?

To play soccer


What sports did you play in high school? Did they carry over to college?

Soccer, Track and Field, Tennis. Only Soccer carried over to college.

Kaitlyn Schech about to kick the ball against Binghamton on 8.21.11 – Action Photos credited to Megan Raymond

Have you ever been cut from a squad? If so, how did you handle it and bounce back?

I was told I was not good enough to make a team when I was younger. So I worked hard training with the team and became a starting mid-fielder after the winter season.


On being cut from the team: “Well, it seems that you have two options: 1) give up, or 2) ask the coach if you can practice with the team. If you are running the same drills and practicing every day, then you will get better. If you get better, then you might make the team next year. If you are really lucky, the coach might see that you have something to offer, and get you some playing time this year.” LINK TO FULL POST (Image Courtesy of Help.com)


What is the biggest game on your campus that everybody attends?


We hope we see you at the next football game this year! – Image Courtesy of MEACSWACSports


What kind of workout regime do you have?

Morning Practice (1 day off), Evening lift (2x a week)

Some quick workouts when time is a factor – Courtesy of Rebound Workout


What is some of the advice the coaches always give you?

If you work hard for them, they will make you a better athlete


How do you balance sports and your education?

Focus on sports during practice and games.

Focus on school work until all my work is completed or I feel comfortable with the information.


What sports tips do you have for those in your sport?

Play for the love of the sport


Kaitlyn thank you for being such a strong and confident person. One would never think to practice with the team after being cut as an option but you are right. By the time the next season arrives the coach already knows that you know the drills and plays so you are almost guaranteed to make the team. (*headshot photo credited to Mike Baker)


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