12th Oct2011

Liz Oliver – Delaware State University

by Staff

C/O 2014

Sport: Soccer

Major: Nutrition

Position: Midfield

Jersey Number: 5

“Keep working your absolute hardest at all times – through the good and the bad.


What sports are you involved in at Delaware State University? What positions? What is your jersey number?

DSU was academically sound and was able to present a solid nutrition department with excellent professors.


What sports did you play in high school? Did they carry over to college?

I only played soccer in high school and yes, it carried over to college.


Have you ever been cut from a squad? If so, how did you handle it and bounce back?



What is the biggest game on your campus that everybody attends?


We wonder how DSU will do this year – Image Courtesy of MEACSWACSports


What kind of workout regime do you have?

It’s very intense. Soccer training, games, lifting in addition to class.

Soccer training from Eddie Pope video courtesy of Tekk747


What is some of the advice the coaches always give you?

Work ethic is key – all the time.

Something we came across courtesy of Will Smith “We are who we choose to be.”


How do you balance sports and your education?

Time management



What sports tips do you have for those in your sport?

Keep working your absolute hardest at all times – through the good and the bad.


Very inspirational words Liz! Never stop trying no matter if it is the good or the bad that you encounter. If only everyone could embody this mentality. We thank you for spending time interviewing with us and wish you the best of luck in all that you do. (*headshot photo credited to Mike Baker)


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Graduate of an HBCU and true believer in HBCUs being the best at giving a well-rounded education academically and personally.




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