26th Oct2011

Higher Education equals Growth and Vice Versa (Pastor Troy)

by Staff

Consider our articles a moment of reflection in which we comment on great interviews that we have had with students and alumni. We often read through our past interviews just to gain inspiration and look for empowering quotes that we can tweet and also comment on. Today, we are focusing on our interview with Malcolm Seth Bevel a graduate of Prairie View A&M University and also Meharry Medical College.

We have often had conversation after conversation with random people about their view on college. Some feel it is necessary, some do not – others feel resentful towards those that attend college. But our stance is one that college is necessary from the standpoint of growth.

“My “experience” at Prairie View A&M University is that of growth and motivation. I grew as a man in many ways in this environment (the “dirty South”) that I truly believe I wouldn’t of experienced had I stayed in the Midwest. I learned that a real man works hard no matter what the circumstances may be, that humbly serving your community reaps long-term rewards, and that patience is truly a virtue.”

Now just reading the quote, one could ask the question if Malcolm had stayed in the Midwest would he have attended college or not. We will assume that he would have attended college, because he wanted that growth. Regardless of what laws say 18 is not grown and definitely not mature, so many people get stuck in the “woman-child” or “man-child” mindset because they didn’t broaden their horizons and step outside of their box of comfort – by attending college away from their hometown. (Fear comes to mind)

And what happened to those that stopped at high school?

Life came at them too fast and now they are 18 working 3 jobs stressing and maybe with a family i.e. more pressure. Not to say college attendees and graduates are without stresses but they are worthwhile and end game producing stresses. Akin to going through your residency, being an intern and the like. You are working hard to have a career in the end not a dead end job. A unique and valuable skillset. Career vs. Job comes to mind as narrated by Chris Rock

Not to mention college life is life outside of the “real world”. You are surrounded by like minded people, various clubs and groups and most importantly at HBCUs you see a reflection of your self in the many shades and shapes that the higher power created – IN AN UPLIFTING LIGHT.

If you came from an all melanin-deficient high school or 50/50 this is paradise. For most the issue isn’t so much colorism as it is classism. You don’t have the in your face racism that faculty, administration and your peers may give you unless you go to a majority melanin-deficient college.

Not to mention high school is free all you have to do is show up and work hard and more than likely some university somewhere will accept you. Life is about hard work not just your GPA. If you do not have the motivation and drive a great GPA wont take you very far.

All in all, you could not attend college and mature though their is a greater chance of it being in the wrong direction than in a college/university setting. We advise you to share Malcolms’ words of wisdom and consider them something coming from the mouth and mind of a family member you respect highly. Life is about change and growth. Do not let fear stop you from doing either.


Colleges promote the growth of the individual in an environment in which the main goal is to expose students to their career without the expense.

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Graduate of an HBCU and true believer in HBCUs being the best at giving a well-rounded education academically and personally.




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