27th Oct2011

Future Howard University graduate and musician Alonzo Guyton murdered

by Staff

To those members of the Guyton family please remember that your son, uncle, nephew, grandson, and great – grandson lives forever through you. Spread his positive spirit and let his teachings be spread far and wide as life continues to move forward.  If you need anything simply ask it of us.

Excerpt from the original article in the Washington Post below:

“News of Guyton’s death shocked friends, family members and the Howard University community alike. Howard University President Sidney A. Ribeau said Guyton was “very active at Howard and well loved by his peers, faculty and the staff who worked closely with him.” Friends and family members said he was well-rounded, well-adjusted and not likely to seek out dangerous situations.  “It’s the very, very, very last thing you would ever expect to hear,” Davis said of Guyton’s slaying. “He’s just such a loving and outgoing and warm person.”  Davis said Guyton had a girlfriend he had considered proposing to and was a beloved uncle to his siblings’ children. She said her 12-year-old son thought of Guyton as family, even reminiscing Tuesday night about how he would miss throwing the football with “Uncle Lonzo.”  “He’s like the uncle that all kids want,” Davis said. “He’s so loved, and he’s so missed by so many people.” Full Article Here

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