26th Mar2012

Founder and Visionary The King Celeb speaks on “EverythingCollege”

by Staff

Radio/TV Personality, new Correspondent Host For the “BET Black College Tour”, TV Host For Money Train TV AND Owner of EverythingCollege, KingCeleb has been kind enough to take a moment and share his wisdom with us and YOU. So enjoy!

What was the catalytic event or thought that made you decide to bring news, entertainment, fashion, music, and politics directly to college students in one site? How did you decide on the name EverythingCollege for the site?

We wanted to provide a place for students to be able to get news politics fashion sports music entertainment and events for all colleges to benefit from each other. We thought that a lot of stuff that is promoted via the college scene is usually on a high scale where the college student has to reach out to find out what’s going on.


EverythingCollege; Image Credit: All College Access

We wanted to bring everything to the college community to help college students who are future artists musicians comedians actors authors politicians doctors lawyers and etc. to feel appreciated for putting their time and effort into college and to make it so that they don’t feel left out or like they are missing anything.

How did you and your co-founder, DeeJay S.Whit come to meet? How do you both work together to bring EverythingCollege to its full potential?

Me & DJ S.Whit met through a great friend of mine named Honike which I consider my brother. Honike said that we both should work together to really capture this college experience so that’s what we did. DJ S.Whit is my sister first . We both help each other. We make each other better. She is on the radio at Sirius XM hip Hop Nation as a DJ/Personality. She has a show every Monday 12AM ET called The Femme Fatale Mix Show which is Probably the best Female Show on the radio if you ask me.

DJ S.Whit is a big name on the college scene especially in Long Island New York. She always has her hands in Some College related events. We work together to pull content and decide what is hot for the site and the blog. We put out a mix tape in September called “All College Access Vol. 1” hosted by Myself The King Celeb & DJ S.Whit & we are currently working on a new mixtape “All College access Vol.2 Spring Break Edition which is set to drop early April.


All College Access Vol. 1; Courtesy of EverythingCollege

So you can say we work hard together and no one over powers or over shines each other we just do whats necessary for the site. I love Her Shout Out To DJ S.Whit.

Given your affiliation with Delaware State University, how much of that “HBCU Experience” is incorporated into how you govern the direction and content of EverythingCollege?

The HBCU experience plays a big role. I have learned a lot from attending Delaware State University. Some schools don’t get as much shine as others especially when sports is concerned. Shout Out to Norfolk State University. We hope to make every college and university feel special. I have a special place in my heart for the whole HBCU extended Family so I will always show love to the HBCU Community.


If you had to narrow it down, what would be your top 7 Do’s and top 7 Dont’s for other entrepreneurs out there?

7 Dos

Do your Best At all times
Do your best to network
Do your hwk on other people that do the same thing your doing
Do you best to stay humble
Do your best to grow as a person
Do your best to build your brand
Do your best to stay consistent

7 Don’ts

Don’t give Up
Don’t Trust everyone
Don’t Over do it
Don’t burn bridges
Don’t go Hollywood
Don’t stop working
Don’t forget the people that helped you get where you are

With the upcoming presidential election, will EverythingCollege support President Barack Obama ardently or have a bipartisan stance, supporting both major party candidates equally?

I think the main thing for me is supporting Barack Obama as a whole. He has done a lot in so little time and I think he needs more time to fix more issues that are going on in he world. He is really trying to help the college community and that’s important.


President Barack Obama delivering a speech; Image Courtesy; ObamaBlogSpot

The biggest thing is for every college student is to vote and to know why your vote counts.

How did you think of the name “EverythingCollege” for your website? Will the site in the future, focus on political issues and the like for other college students around the world?

Well Everything College is the slogan. The name of the Company and Site is All College Access. In the near future we will be touching on a lot more news and politics and we hope to have content that all colleges and universities no matter if they are a junior college, hbcu or a big ten school we want every college in tuned.

We encourage every student organization from every college or university to send all info info and events about their school to allcollegeaccess@gmail.com as well so that we can continue to highlight every college.

Since you are the co-founder of EverythingCollege how can HBCU alumni, students, and supporters stay connected with the site? What social networks can we find Everything College on?

You can visit us on www.facebook.com/AllCollegeAccess | www. Twitter.com/established2011 | www.Established2011.tumblr.com | www.AllCollegeAccess.com


Image Credit: EverythingCollege

We also want all alumni students faculty and staff to send their events videos inquires or anything they have to support their prospective college or university to allcollegeaccess@gmail.com and Don’t forget we have that hot new mixtape “All College Access Vol. 2 Hosted by the king Celeb & DJ S.Whit coming out in April.

You can contact King Celeb directly at the following links: Instagram (TheKingCelebTV) | Viddy (TheKingCelebTV) | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube |

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