FAQ about HBCUs

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What does HBCU stand for?

Historically Black Colleges or Universities

Which states in the USA (and outside of the USA) have HBCUs?

  1. Alabama – List
  2. Arkansas – List
  3. California – List
  4. Delaware List
  5. Florida List
  6. Georgia List
  7. Kentucky List
  8. Louisiana List
  9. Maryland List
  10. Michigan List
  11. Mississippi List
  12. Missouri List
  13. North Carolina List
  14. Ohio List
  15. Oklahoma List
  16. Pennsylvania List
  17. South Carolina List
  18. Tennessee List
  19. Texas List
  20. Virginia List
  21. Washington, DC List
  22. West Virginia List
  23. Virgin IslandsList

How many HBCUs are there?

100+ HBCUs exist currently!

Are HBCUs diverse?

Yes very. Take a look at Howard University!

Are there any college tours to HBCUs?

Yes! Check out these websites below

Black College Tours

BET College Tour

The College Expo

Church funded HBCU Tour

HBCU Tour Experience

Alpha Phi Alpha HBCU Tour


Soul of America – HBCU Tour List

Stepping in the Right Direction HBCU Tours

Are HBCUs dangerous?

No, not at all! Take a look at all of the Distinguished and Great Individuals that are alumnus of HBCUs!

How high does my GPA have to be to get in to an HBCU? SAT/ACT?

Contact the Admissions department of the HBCU of your choice, to get requirement details!

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