Support Our Vision

As with many things, MyHBCUInterview began with a vision to take donations in the form of words about the “HBCU Experience” from Alum and Students. 

Funds Received will go toward one of the following:

1. Further Development of current HBCU students by sending them to conferences relative to their major nationally and internationally

2. Hiring HBCU students and alumni on an independent contractor basis to interview other HBCU Alumni and influential community members

3. Website Improvement with a focus on Innovative Website Design

4. Website Operation Costs (Hosting, Data…)

5. Sending Fellow HBCU affiliates (Alumni and Students) to Functions and Events on our behalf

Your Fellow HBCU Alum and Students range in the millions; if not more and our long term goal is to interview every single person.

We thank you for your monetary support.



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