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Agnes Allen-McLean, Fayetteville State University- c/o 2013, English Literature

Proud HBCU Alum, Agnes Allen-McLean of Fayetteville State University (c/o ’02) | Image Credit: Agnes Allen McLean

Name : Agnes Allen-McLean

Your HBCU? : Fayetteville State University

Graduation Year? : 2013

Jasmine White, Voorhees College- c/o 2013, Biology

Proud HBCU Student, Jasmine White of Voorhees College (Class of 2016) | Image Credit: Jasmine White

Name : Jasmine White

Your HBCU? : Voorhees College

Graduation Year? : 2013

Social Network :

Gabriel Smith, Tuskegee University- c/o 2013, History

Gabriel Smith of Legendary Tuskegee University| Image Credit: Gabriel Smith

Name : Gabriel Smith

Your HBCU? : Tuskegee University

Graduation Year? : 2013

Barbara Cook, Morgan State University- c/o 2013, Sociology

Proud HBCU Student Barbara Cook of Morgan State University (Class of May 2014) | Image Credit: Barbara Cook

Name : Barbara Cook

Your HBCU? : Morgan State University

Graduation Year? : 2013

MacKenzie Milon, Fisk University- c/o 2013, Psychology

Proud HBCU Student – Athlete, MacKenzie Milon of Fisk University (c/o ’16)| Image Credit: MacKenzie Milon

Name : MacKenzie Milon

Your HBCU? : Fisk University

Graduation Year? : 2013

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