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Diamond McCray, North Carolina A & T State University- c/o 2021, Nursing

Dorm Room Selfie #Vanstory

Name : Diamond McCray

HBCU : North Carolina A & T State University

Graduation Year : 2021

Major : Nursing

Email :


Where are you from? Who introduced you to HBCUs?*

I am from Johnstown, Pennsylvania but later moved to Gastonia,NC. My foster mom introduced me to A&T and I’ve been in love ever since.

Dorm Room Selfie #Vanstory
Dorm Room Selfie #Vanstory

Why did you choose an HBCU over a pwi?*

To be with people of the same culture as me.

"I love my institution..."
"I love my institution..."

What is the story of your "experience" at Your HBCU given its heralded status as a stellar and prestigious institution?*

I love my institution and the welcoming feeling that i get from the School.


"First time" experiences at your HBCU?*

My first time was amazing. Everyone was so nice and willing to help me around campus. I got taught a lot of safety tips and loved the encounters of the many people.


Who are the professors that have impacted your life in and out of the classroom? How did they do that?*

My professor Dr.Lambert was so nice, sweet and understanding. She also showed that she cared by emailing me and asking me if i got to my dorm safely.


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