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Omar Talib, Cheyney University- c/o 2013, Chemistry

Omar  Talib, Cheyney University- c/o 2013, Chemistry

Name : Omar Talib

HBCU : Cheyney University

Graduation Year : 2013

Major : Chemistry


Where are you from? Who introduced you to HBCUs?*

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I attended Abraham Lincoln High School and heard about HBCUs from a recruiter.


Why did you choose an HBCU over a pwi?*

Hearing the history of most HBCUs makes the choice seem so natural and easy.


What is the story of your "experience" at Your HBCU given its heralded status as a stellar and prestigious institution?*

It is entirely too easy for the media to control the image of what it is to be black. The HBCU experience, to me, is seeing that so many of us transcend each and every stereotype. There were so many bright personalities that graced the campus. You can’t help but to grow in love for yourself and your people.


"First time" experiences at your HBCU?*



Who are the professors that have impacted your life in and out of the classroom? How did they do that?*



What sports and/or extra curricular activities did you do in High School? And why?

I was academically unstable in High School. I couldn’t play sports or participate in much during that time.


Best restaurants on/near campus? Best dishes?

Hot wings and pizza are the only food groups a successful college student needs! Brother’s and Pizza U were the two hot spots near campus.


College crush?

I will plead the fifth.


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