About MyHBCU Interview


Our Goal

To encourage the youth to seek a higher education so that they (and ultimately we – yourself included) can innovate the world around us and instead of working for others, we can work for ourselves and redefine antiquated professions and create new professions as well.

Why Did We Create MyHBCUInterview.com?

Because nowhere else on the internet did anyone care to tell the true stories of greatness and triumph at Historically Nubian or Black Colleges and Universities around the united states.

It did not exist anywhere. And eventually we realized that what we saw as a blatant wrong was actually a calling and opportunity for us to provide to yourself and others an outlet to share your hbcu experience. Your story. Solely unique to you.

Why So Many Interview Questions?

Because no one has or is documenting the HBCU stories of the next generation or the Alumni (elders). And plus those things in life which are valuable require the most detailed care and love.

Time is Precious

If you have ever lost anyone in your life you understand that they are gone in the tangible form forever, though their spirit lives forever through you.

But once your elder or family member in your life is gone they can not answer questions about their life, your history or what they have seen or anything – so you must sit and listen while you can spend time with them. And that is what we have decided to do here at MyHBCUInterview.com.

So please answer every question and type as much as you want. Their is no character length or time limit on giving and receiving wisdom. Yes this is a long page but the truth has no character limit either, so sit and read and enjoy!

The Truth is Beautiful

We have created this site to tell people the truth about HBCUs the good, the bad, and the ugly without bias through interviews with people such as yourself. Our goal is to forever provide interviews vis a vis insight into each individual's mind that attended or attends an HBCU and/or is successful out in the world.

Each One Reach One

The reason being because with each person that views this site, they will see themselves in at least one of the interviewees – this is the spirtual or soulful connection.

For Your Information

Please take note that interviews are constantly being added on to, in the sense that – well lets say you are interviewed and you email you responses back to our site.

Once we receive your interview we will automatically post it then we will add pertinent links to it for use by other websites and the like. All for the purpose of increasing knowledge and awareness.

Come Share your HBCU Experience with us Today!