I decided to become a student at Spelman because it was my number 1 choice. The sisterhood is one of a kind. Coming from a family of all boys, a sister was well needed. I decided when I got the acceptance letter and thanked God for the faith I held on to.

Alexis Clark

HBCU :   Spelman College
Class Of :   2013
Classification :   Alumni
Major :   Psychology

My HBCU Experience at Howard has really been amazing, I have learned so much about myself in different ways. My most favorite time so far is definitely Homecoming 2010 that alone was an experience in itself, one that I really enjoyed. The Caribbean Carnival…it is such a wonderful experience especially since my family is Jamaican.



Dominique McDonald

HBCU :   Howard University
Class Of :   2014
Classification :   Alumni
Major :   Public Relations
Social Networks :  

I went to high school in Fairfax County, Virginia and in many cases I was the only African American male in many of my honors and AP classes. Knowing that all of my family had attended HBCUs I knew to consider them, but I had to be realistic about some of my other opportunities. My choice to attend an HBCU over a PWI was made purely on personal preference, I was ready to go “home.”

Kentucky State University is the smallest school in the state of Kentucky and one of the few in the area with Central State and Wilberforce being about 2hrs away and Tennessee state, 3hrs away. With that said, I get to experience amazing diversity in that I’ve met people from and gone to cities like Chicago, Il, Cincinnati, OH, St. Louis, Missouri, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

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