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Jerrica Oliver, Howard University- c/o 2011, Psychology

Jerrica  Oliver, Howard University- c/o 2011, Psychology

Name : Jerrica Oliver

HBCU : Howard University

Graduation Year : 2011

Major : Psychology


Where are you from? Who introduced you to HBCUs?*

My mother always told me in order to be the best you must surround yourself with great people, So I choose a school that stands on a very strong legacy! Howard University is the first HBCU and remains to educate some of the best African Americans while staying true to our history.


Why did you choose an HBCU over a pwi?*



What is the story of your "experience" at Your HBCU given its heralded status as a stellar and prestigious institution?*

Howard is located in the Nations Capital and I happen to be in the District of Columbia when the First Black President was elected. The feeling on Campus was one of accomplishment and drive. At that moment most Howard students understood why they choose an HBCU and what they had to do for our community.


"First time" experiences at your HBCU?*



Who are the professors that have impacted your life in and out of the classroom? How did they do that?*

Dr. Jules Harrell, my intro to psychology professor. He became my advisor ensuring that I receive the best college experience while maintain great academic status. To this day he fills me with encouraging words to make sure I continue my education until I become Dr. Jerrica Oliver.


Best restaurants on/near campus? Best dishes?

Ho Chi – 3 wings and fries with Mumbo Sauce on everything Ohhs & Ahhs– Fried chicken rice and macaroni and cheese


College crush?

I still have a crush on him lol! He was a west coast psychology major, philosophy minor Wide receiver.


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